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GPS Map Iran

For Compatible Garmin® handhelds and car navigation units

This is the most detailed map of Iran available for Garmin GPS devices.

GPS Map Iran
Navigating Tehran, Iran at night

GPS Map of Iran (Version 3.2) includes:

Major roads, freeways and secondary roads
Political division and borders
Rail-Road system
Rivers and Lakes
Thousands of towns and cities
Points of interest

GPS Map of Iran
Available by Internet Download Only

(not available due to government embargo)

$350.00 USD


For use with all Garmin mapping receivers that can be loaded with maps using MapSource® software. This is a map approximately 13 MB in size. Should you have an old model receiver, please verify memory capacity before purchasing.


Download instructions will follow completion of purchase. Note: This is a locked map product which must be customized for your use. In addition to a download link, you will receive a unlock code that is tied to your specific equipment. It may take several business hours for you to receive your unlock code.

System Requirements

A Windows platform PC with Garmin Mapsource installed is required. If you have an Apple/Mac computer, contact Travel By GPS for work-a-round solutions.


The license is for one (1) Computer and one (1) GPS.
If you require multiple license contact Travel By GPS for information on volume discount.


Travel By GPS is proud to offer this GPS Map of Iran developed by Global Map.


Installation Manual

Contact Support


More Details and Screenshots

Location of Pardisan Park, Tehran, IRAN
Screen shot of Garmin nuvi showing street map detail of area surrounding Pardisan park in Tehran, IRAN.

map of iran iraq boarder region
Detail of Iran - Iraq boarder region near the town of Mehran, Ilam Province.

Map of Iran Afghanistan Boarder Region
Map detail near Iran - Afghanistan boarder

GPS map of the Hormoz straits
GPS map detail showing the Strait of Hormoz.
Map of Abadan in Persian Gulf
Detail surrounding Abdan, Iran
port city on the Persian Gulf.

Point of Interest in Tehran
Screenshot showing partial listing of Points of Interst in Tehran.

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